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ETpay has created de simples and most intuitive digital payment system to operate from banking accounts. It's technology has enabled to integrate to most latin american banks and their banking accounts. With ETpay Platform any ecommerce or utility can easily allow massive adoption of online payments to their customers.. 

Iwana Cash

Iwana Cash is the premier CashBack platform operating in the Latin American market. With it's technology and extensive brand and stores network allows online shoppers to obtain considerable discounts on the main ecommerce sites worldwide. 


Xepelin strives for a market where there are no entry barriers for financing SMEs in Latin America. Xepelin leverages it's technology to offer the best possible conditions and user experience. The propietary risk model evaluates an operation in seconds, which allows to finance any SME on the same day..


We provide Post-Quantum Secure data transmission solutions through quantum-based hardware and radio link layer encryption for Industrial and Telecom applications.


OpenCasa is an online platform that provides home sellers a fast and comission free offer for their property. And also, provides real state investors of a great portfolio of properties to invest.


Rocketbot is an agileRPA platform (Process Automation with software robots). Rocketbot uses Python in its Back-end which allows the agility of the behavior both in programming and in the front to be far superior to companies such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath or Blueprism.


Barracks is a state of the art training platform for Esports players that uses analytics, reports and recommendations to improve skills and performance in this new emerging discipline.

Camel Secure

Camel  Secure is a Risk Management Platform that allows to operate, correlate and agnostically manage different security and IT risk systems from a single dashboard.


IPSUM is a company in ConstructionTech that has developed a web and mobile platform to support the organization and coordination of construction and engineering projects. 

The Platform, called ProPlanner is an all-in-one 100% cloud management tool. It is built under the Last Planner™ methodology, allows to plan, control schedules, assign tasks, resources and much more.

Rhinobird INC

Rhinobird is a Chilean Company based in Boston, EE.UU., that has developed a new patented technology that allows to find, edit and synchronice user generated videos or “User Generated Content” (USG) that accounts for almost 80% of videos consumed by millenials. Rhinobird also provide a video player that can be embeded under licence agreement in their customers websites and mobile apps, customers such as Coldplay Band and Houston Rockets NFL Team among others are already using this technology to increase up to 10x video playing times for their audience.

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